Ease Your Back Problems With Kneeling Chairs

Being seated for long hours at a desk or computer can be very uncomfortable! Invariably, the lower neck and back begin to ache; the legs stiffen and then become numb and you become physically uncomfortable.

These kneeling chairs change the posture when one is sited, thereby placing the main body weight on the lower legs. This means that you are now sitting at an angle of between sixty to seventy degrees from an upright position.

Kneeling chairs are a solution often suggested for people who have had persistent lower back pain with conventional office chairs and even ergonomic chairs. In this article, we’ll look at what kneeling chairs are, and what unique benefits and drawbacks they present in comparison to other types of chairs. The crucial principle of how kneeling chairs offer ergonomic benefits comes from the manner in which they encourage good posture. Sitting in a chair in a kneeling position forces one to slide his or her hips forward thus aligning the back, shoulders and neck.

Kneeling chairs encourage you to make use of your core muscles in order to take pressure off the knees as well as the back, lowering compression. An added benefit of using a kneeling office chair is the toning of your upper thighs and abdominal muscles. Ergonomic kneeling chairs are a special device which lets one sit upright, aligning the shoulders neck and head, with your back. One sits on the seat pan with knees simply resting on the knee cushion which really helps the body to transfer weight to the knee and shin, thus lightening the weight on the lower back and lowering back pains.

Why a Kneeling Chair Design is the Seating Solution for You

The most beneficial way to reduce pressure on the back is to be standing. But that is not always possible with many jobs, hobbies and other activities that are important to everyday life. Activities such as using a computer, writing, drafting, and artistic endeavors require a person to sit in order to function well at these tasks.

Many people who have had back problems report good results from these kinds of chairs. They are produced by many manufacturers in different styles and materials. You can find these kinds of chairs from office furniture stores as well as traditional furniture stores in some cases. This type of comfortable furniture saves the workers from chronic diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome, potential strain and injury to the core muscle groups due to long sitting hours. Further, such furniture also facilitates different body postures of the workers during their working and provides relief to the back pain.

Choose Kneeling Chair for Comfort At Work and Home

Problems such as lumbar pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ, and recurring motion syndrome can develop by not sitting in the right chair while doing daily tasks that take really long hours to complete. A kneeling chair ergonomic design has been proven to be the best solution in cases where jobs and activities require a person to lean forward while tasking. A quality knee chair offers the correct angle by opening the alignment in the lower body and providing a straightening of the spine while working.

These chairs are supposed to be better than regular chairs as a lot of the body weight of the user is supported by the shins instead of the back. This significantly reduces the strain on the lower back by aligning the spine at a better angle. The design of such a chair is built upon the principle that frequent movement is one of the keys to long term comfort. In addition to reducing the amount of pain and stiffness that one incurs in their joints, frequent movement also encourages the circulation of blood throughout the body. A good quality kneeling chair opens up the body angle by lowering the lower body angle to keep the spine intact. The position is maintained in such a way that even if the person sitting on the chair leans inward, the body angle is at a constant ninety degrees or more.


It simply goes to show that not all ergonomically designed furniture is right for all. You have to know your physical state, pre-existing joints as well as knee ailments and then choose your desk chairs cautiously. Whenever in doubt check out with your physician before you purchase that ergonomic kneeling chair.

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