Right Postures with Kneeling Office Chairs

One of the greatest impacts of modern lifestyle has been on human health. Sitting for hours at the work desk and in front of the computer has led to posture related issues and many of us suffer from chronic back pain. The conventional office chairs, though comfortable can sometimes be the most aggravating factor in development of lower back pain. Kneeling chairs have been found to be one effective method in countering back ache and help align the neck, shoulders and back in a posture that reduces discomfort.

The importance of right posture while sitting cannot be overstated. Doctors often recommend that instead of sitting for long intervals, we should all get up and walk about a few times a day. This is important to stop the legs from becoming numb and in countering discomfort in the back muscles. But a more efficient method is to use a kneeling office chair. As the name suggests, the kneeling chair is an ergonomic solution that has its seat inclined at an angle of sixty to seventy percent along with a cushion to rest the knees on. The seat inclination and the placement of knee cushions transfer the body weight on the legs such that the back is not strained.

Kneeling chairs, with or without back rest, encourage the use of core muscles for balance and by virtue of their inclination force the back to be aligned with neck and hips to create a balanced posture that divides the body weight evenly. This posture takes away the strain from the lower back and the individual can sit in the kneeling chair for long without suffering any discomfort commonly associated with prolonged sitting. The comfortable yet efficient design of the kneeling chair does not allow slouching or leaning backwards so the chances of developing lower back pain or aggravating it, if it already exists, are minimized.

Regular users of the kneeling chairs also attribute relief from carpal tunnel syndrome and lumbar pains as some of the other benefits to them. These chairs are not only better aligned to support the body weight but also designed to fit any small space. Their compact design and features designed to boost comfort have made these chairs very popular. One can choose from an array of colors, alignments, back rests, seat foams, etc to get a kneeling office chair that will help in correct body alignment to counter the effects of prolonged sitting at a work desk.

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  1. Have only had this kneeling chair for a few days now and already prefer it than the prior chair used at my office desk. Biggest noticed difference is that, without effort, I’m naturally coaxed to sit upright. This new sitting position also brought to my attention how much I must have been hunching my shoulders before, as I caught myself doing it several times, whereas before, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it was happening. This purchase was a doctor recommendation as had been having severe neck and shoulder pain. So far so good. Very happy with the purchase and thinking of getting one for my home.

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