Can a Kneeling Chair Help With Core Strength?

varierWith so many people sitting, working in front of a computer nowadays, it isn’t surprising that many are experiencing various aches and pains in their back, hips, neck and shoulders, all of which could be alleviated by using a kneeling chair. The pain that is experienced when sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, is largely due incorrect posture that puts the spine out of alignment, which leads to other muscle and joint problems. The incorrect posture is often a result of using a poorly designed chair, and not sitting at the correct height. Most office chairs are designed for aesthetics and style, not for ergonomics, and this is the cause of many issues, including a lack of core strength, which is vital for preventive care.

What Position is the Best?

Well, first of all, you should be aware that the spine is aligned directly over the hips and that a large muscle called the Psoas muscle is the one that keeps everything in place. When you do not sit properly at a desk, you are not allowing this muscle to do its job and therefore you compromise your vertebrae, hips, and other bones and joints. The most effective position for the body to be in to free this muscle is to be directly upright with the hips tilted forward and above the levels of the knees. This position forces your back to be in an upright position and places less tension on our spine.

How Does a Kneeling Chair Help?

chair 8Looking at the above positioning that is required to maintain perfect spinal alignment, it is clear that a kneeling office chair is the most well designed piece of office furniture for this purpose. The seat is flat and tilts slightly forward so that you are forced to place your weight over your pelvic sits bones (ischial tuberosites) instead of tilting your pelvis underneath you, which is very bad for your back and neck. The unique placement of the kneeling pads, keeps your hip bones correctly aligned in relation to your knees and actually disperses the weight evenly between your knees, hips, and spine. Once you have opened up your spine and released tension in your muscles, you will be able to function far more effectively and reduce much of the pain that you might be experiencing at the moment.

What about Core Strength?

core muscles

Well, as you can see, using this piece of furniture can improve your posture and reduce tension and pain in the back, hips, knees, and muscles that run up your spine. This in turn allows more oxygen to flow through your body which strengthens the Psoas muscle immensely. Aside from the Psoas muscle, the surrounding muscles that are responsible for core strength, including the abdominal muscles, are able to perform at their peak, as the kneeling position you are in will force these muscles to engage in order to provide your back with increased support. Similar to the way using an exercise ball improves core strength when working out, using a kneeling chair will do the same, whilst allowing you to be more productive and eliminating a variety of aches and pains.

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