The Top 4 Chairs for Back Pain Sufferers

If you spend long hours at the desk and suffer for back pain, chances are high that its your chair that is causing you the problem. Sitting down for a majority of the day puts considerable strain on the spine. In order to keep you upright, the muscles of the back have to work continuously and eventually they become fatigued. A functional ergonomic product is designed to position your body in such a way that you sit in perfect posture and it takes little effort to do it.

This article goes over the various types of ergonomic chairs. Each of these products vary in their features, costs, and ergonomic benefit. We’ll help you decide which is the best one for you.

Which Chairs are Best for Back Pain?

#1: Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

The clever design of the knee stool provides maximal comfort and automatic postural alignment. The seat is angled forward at 15-20 degrees while your shins rest on a pad. The increased angle between the upper body and the legs provides more room for the hip muscles, which are directly connected to the spine. When these muscles become relieved, so does your back.

Because of the absence of a backrest support, the kneeling chair requires the sitter to sit upright, with good posture. This is great for those who find it difficult to remember to sit tall. Over time, the core muscles develop and tone which provide more support and protection for your spine.

The knee stool is often priced at less than $100, making it a very affordable solution.

chair 8

Features Including:

  • Height Adjustments
  • Seat slope adjustments
  • Memory foam
  • Lumbar spine support

#2: Ergonomic Task Chars

A task chair is another name for the common chair you normally see around the office. An ergonomic task chair version will have adjustments and features that help you to achieve proper posture.

Task seats have made significant improvements in the last few decades in terms of ergonomics. You’ll find a huge range of options and costs. Mesh versions have become increasingly popular as of late for their comfort, adjustability, and style.

It can be a challenge to find these products at a reasonable price. The best ones are often offered at rates that only corporations can reasonably afford, however there still are some steals to be found.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, then by far the most popular is the Aeron – By Herman Miller.

task seat

Features Including:

  • Lumbar adjustments to support the curvature of your lower spine
  • Height adjustments to align your eye-level with the middle of the computer screen
  • Arm height adjustments for alignment of your forearms (parallel with the ground) to your keyboard

#3: Ergonomic Saddle Stools

Saddle stools are essentially seats that are shaped like a horses’s saddle, but with a rolling base. The wheels make it easy to roll around and perform regular job tasks, from the comfort of your seat. These stools are ideal for those with jobs that require them to travel around their workspaces.

The saddle stool’s ability to move so easily, helps to encourage movement. In a seated ergnomic workarea, stagnation is your worst enemy. Saddle stools are an effective remedy to the effects caused by sitting still all day.. They are relatively cheap and great deals can be easily found online. We recommend the Work Smart Saddle Stool.

saddle stool

Ideal For:

  • Hair stylists
  • Lab technicians
  • Dentists

#4: Ergonomic Swing Chairs

These pieces are designed in such a way that the seat and the backrest move with each other. This can be hard to imagine, but refer to the picture to the right. When you lean forward, the backrest comes forward with you as the seat tilts backward, and vice versa. People enjoy these products because you’re constantly supported, regardless of your sitting position.

If you experience any severe back pain issues or complications, swing furniture can be a great solution.

Popular expert opinion: an ergonomic chair should work on treating the cause (poor ergonomics) and not just the symptoms (pain). Because of the extra mechanics that these seats require, the cost of building this product is considerably higher. The retail prices reflect this.

swing seat

Primary Issues:

  • Price.
  • Lack of encouragement to keep proper upright, ergonomic alignment.
Chairs for Back Pain Sufferers
Article Name
Chairs for Back Pain Sufferers
This article goes over the various types of ergonomic chairs and how they can help with spine discomfort. We'll help you decide which is the best one for you.

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