3 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today

finger pointingSitting seems like such a simple thing: plant your butt in the chair and go on with your day. Whether you’re in front of a workstation, eating out with friends, or driving from Point A to Point B though it’s important to keep proper posture. It’s something a lot of people never think about, but your posture determines a lot about your health and how you feel overall. Here are 3 bad habits that people commonly have regarding their postures and the impacts they have on your body.


sloucherSlouching is a very common problem. You likely started doing it in pre-school and continued on with is as an adult at work. Rather than sitting up straight you allow your body to sort of slump down in your chair. The spine is at an uncomfortable curve, the muscles are in awkward places, and the arms and legs have unnatural pressure put on them they shouldn’t have. While slouching might feel good at first, if you make a habit of it then it’s pretty likely you’re hurting your back.

The solution is, of course, to sit up straight and make sure that you keep your back aligned with your feet flat on the floor. It might feel a little too regimented at first, but in time proper posture will become second nature.

If you have a hard time remembering to sit up straight, one effective option is to invest in a chair that doesn’t let you slouch. The ergonomic kneeling chair is one of the most popular. It lacks a high-backrest support, which forces you sit with a healthy posture.

Shoulder Rolling

rolled shouldersAnother bad habit that can hurt your back is rolling your shoulders. It’s an easy habit to get into, particularly if you’re not thinking about it. An easy way to break this habit is to keep your head perched vertically on top of the neck, because the body follows where the head goes. If you keep your shoulders back and chest out it makes it easier to focus, it helps you hold better posture, and it even makes it easier to draw deep breaths while you’re working. All of these are beneficial, but remembering to keep your shoulders back can take a good deal of personal discipline to remember.

Cocked Neck

bad neckWhile ergonomic technology in the workplace and home has largely eliminated this habit, it is still an issue for some people. Whether it comes from holding a phone between the shoulder and ear, or just sitting awkwardly, a cocked neck creates an awkwardness in the back and in the muscles that you need to support you while you sit. It’s important to stay as straight up and down as possible, and if you lean to one side then you’re going to notice it later and wonder why all of your muscles hurt. It’s important to use things such as bluetooth technology, speaker phones, or just making sure you have a hand free when taking calls in order to ensure your back stays straight.

The difficulty with remembering to un-cock your neck is the same as with the other two bad habits; you have to remind yourself to do it. It’s easy to fall into old habits and rhythms, but change worth making is going to take a little bit of time to accomplish.

3 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today
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3 Bad Sitting Habits You Need To Correct Today
Once you read about these negative side effects of poor posture, you'll never sit the same again.
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