Knee Chair Testimonials

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Stella Grace, 28

I grew up with back pain my entire life and it got worse when I got pregnant.  Nothing worked until I transitioned to a kneeling chair.  I’d never go back to a traditional one. – Kate Upfield, 28

I’m an architect for a living. So I’m usually sitting down for the entirety of the work day. I can happily say that I don’t experience any issues in my back since I switched over to a knee chair. – Mark Wright, 34

Why did I wait so long to get one of these? – Mary Tanaka, 31

My husband got me one of these for Christmas and its probably the best gift hes ever given me, besides our son. 🙂 – Candice Trautwine 42

I have to admit, I hated it at first. I’m a sloucher by nature and this darn seat wouldn’t let me. But over time, I guess I got used to it and now don’t have any issues sitting straight. – Kevin Bradley, 24

I have scoliosis. Simply sitting down causes me pain. This is the only seat I’ve found that helps with that. – Janet Greenfield, 49

If you have back pain and work long hours, try out a knee seat. I love it. – Michael Francis, 52

It was hard to get used to at first but I warmed up to it in about a week. – Jason Hong, 32

I play video games probably way more than I should. It takes its toll on my back. This ergonomic-chair really helped a lot with back pain. – Kyle Kantonberry, 23

Our office manager was kind enough to offer knee chairs to those of us that were interested in trying it out. It’s been a big help to me for sure as I deal with bulging disks in my L4-L5 L5-S1 joints. I’d have to ask for days to work from home so I could just lay horizontally and give my back a break. This funky chair really helped me out and I can work pain free. – Lynette Jackson, 33

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