The Origin of the Knee Stool

varier balans
The Varier Balans

It is widely acknowledged that an ergonomic kneeling chair will help alleviate the physical stresses involved with sitting in one place for a relatively long period of time. Additionally, they improve your posture and make it more attainable to be able to work freely and not  have to suffer from back pain and related health issues.

The different designs of these chairs have evolved over time, and understanding this history will definitely help you make a correct choice when choosing a knee stool. This will not only save you time but also money, for you will be able to purchase a product from an informed position. Importantly, you will have a better understanding on what are the best brands and models available on the market today.

hero poseIn retrospect, the origins of the design of the kneeling chair can be traced to the sitting position of Tibetan Buddhist monks, particularly during prolonged meditation. However, the conceptualization of this sitting position into usable designs of chairs can be attributed to the works of one Christian Mengshoel. He was an avid designer and vsionary in the 1970’s who came up with the Balans chair. In true meaning, it goes without saying that it is the mother of modern kneeling chairs. The Balans brand was registered way back in 1979; and ever since then, there has been tremendous development of different designs culminating in what we have on the market today.

There were many attempts to build similar designs in earlier times by Buzzi, Opsvik, and Vowles, but none have realized tremendous success compared to the works of Mengshoel. It is indisputable that he actualized the existence of this design of chairs.

However, contributions of the other players cannot in anyway be overlooked. What popularized the concept during the earlier times was research done by Dr. A.C Mandal, who empirically tested and proved that this particular sitting position would definitely ease back pain. Additionally, he made it known that maintaining a natural curve of the human spine while on 15-degree slope-chair is quite beneficial. Based on this finding, many brands and models came to the market that effectively could reduce back-pain. Importantly, with a little research you can have one that offers users unmatched comfort levels.

modern kneeling chair
2014’s Top-Rated Knee Stool

In the past, these designs had a base of wood-frames or metals-frames to support the upper parts. However, this has since changed and there are different materials used to make this piece of furniture more stable. The advancement in technology has enabled production of adjustable ones that are of quite a high quality. They come at an affordable price too, and can be used by persons of different age groups based on their needs.

If you understand the history of this unique furniture, its importance, how to determine quality, then definitely you are well placed to get a good bargain at the end of the day. There are many ergonomic types that definitely offer users high value. In case you need one, purchase a kneeling chair from reliable online stores that have variety of designs in stock.

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The Origin of the Knee Stool
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