Everlast Ergonomic Posture Office Stool

Ergonomic products are in great demand because they are specifically designed to help foster posture while giving maximum comfort and convenience to the user. The Everlast Ergonomic Posture Office Stool has several great things going for it, such as: excellent ergonomic design, a rolling base, light weight, and transportable.

Everlast Kneeling Chair Features:

This ergonomic chair keeps the spine aligned by creating an open body angle. Sitting down for long hours during office hours can be a trauma for the tailbone and lumbar region of the spine. The Everlast Posture Stool takes the pressure off of the tailbone and prevents medical conditions like coccydynia.  One particular reviewer specifically noted that this product helped with their existing coccydynia condition.

The cushion of the seat is firm and it features two knee pads.  While the seat cushion is adequately padded for the buttocks, some people find that the knee pads are lacking in their padding. Our suggestion when purchasing this product, is to consider buying some additional small pillows, especially if you have sensitive shins.

The height of the seat is adjustable, but the range is limited. You might not be able to get enough height if you’re on the shorter side. The shin pad is not adjustable. This would be our suggestion to the developer: make the shin pads adjustable. It may help with the problem of excess pressure on the shins.

That being said, this product is still an excellent solution. It’s fairly affordable, but you will likely see better options at better prices. Check out our review page for some examples.

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