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flash furniture chairWe love the Flash Furniture portable kneeling chair. When tested by individuals who have suffered from back pain reports were glowing. We found that these products allow a person to sit longer without experiencing the kind of pain regular seats leave behind. Even those of us who do not have pain felt that it was a comfortable alternative to a regular (90 degree) seat. Most people feel that the whole point of getting a ergonomic furniture piece is to help with pain levels, which means that this product delivers on its promises.

Product Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 26 inches ; 9 pounds

Shipping Weight: 15.5 pounds

Rating Score:

  • Affordability – 5/5
  • Ergonomic ranking – 4/5
  • Durability – 5/5
  • Overall comfort – 4.5/5
  • Average Score – 4.63/5

This product is special in particular because its design allows you to convert it completely flat.  Making it able to store under the bed or the side of the desk.  You can easily pack it in the car to take from work to home and vice versa.  Weighing only 9 lbs, this item is truly portable.

The theory behind this ergonomic design revolves around a Buddhist meditation technique. They have used the principle of kneeling to return natural curves to the spine. For centuries, this was used to assist with lengthy meditation. When we tested it, we weren’t meditating, but did find that the relaxing posture helped both those with and without back pain to feel more relaxed. This design is perfect for the person who must remain sitting for hours at a time. The angle of the seat takes pressure off the lower back and evenly distributes it.

The moment you sit down, you can tell a difference. The seat has firm,comfortable padding. This is an intentional feature of the design. It is the firmness that helps ergonomically position the body. Even though the pads are firm, they are not so firm as to cause knee pain. If a person experiences knee pain after sitting on this product, it is important to make sure the torso is not all the way on the edge of the seat.

This portable kneeling chair has a weight limit of 200 Lbs. We tested it from 110lbs all the way up to the limit. Reports from both sides of the spectrum came back with glowing reports of comfort and back pain relief.


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