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Jazzy BetterPostureThe Jobri Jazzy Deluxe is hearalded as one of the best and safest ergonomic seats available on the market. This product, considered to be the Rolls Royce of knee chairs, is well endowed with some easy-to-use features that include full adjustability for ergonomic perfection.

The Jazzy sits at 5th place in our Top 5 Knee Chair Reviews List, with high ratings in all categories, except for price.  However, all of our reviewers agree, that this is hands down the most comfortable, longest lasting, and most ergnomomically-sound chair of its kind.  So if cost isn’t a factor and you’re serious about getting the best product for resolving back pain, this is our recommendation.

Additional Features: We really like the removable cover that simplifies the cleaning of the seat. Another important feature of this product is the energy-absorbing memory foam that finishes the deep seat, leaving you more comfortable throughout your day.  Many people have trouble getting used to the knee pad in most models, but a quality memory-foam padding takes care of this issue quite nicely.

This seat also comes in different colors to cater to the aesthetic taste of different consumers. The common colors include red, black, blue and brown.

Rating Score:

  • Affordability – 2.5/5
  • Ergonomic ranking – 5/5
  • Durability – 5/5
  • Overall comfort – 5/5
  • Average Score – 4.38/5

Why The Jobri Jazzy Deluxe is the #1 Adjustable Kneeling Chair

jobri seatThere are quite a lot of adjustable knee chairs that are doing well in the market. These seats are preferred not only for the comfort they provide to the body, but for the customization they allow, making them the most effective seats possible in terms of ergonomics.  The best knee-posture chairs are those that are easy to use and can be tweaked to foster an upright posture for each individual’s body.

The Jobri Jazzy is highly regarded as the best in the market because of its high amount of available adjustments. Every individual’s body is different as well as their workstations.  In order to find the correct ergonomic setup for the individual, a proper seat should have all of the necessary adjustments, in order to meet the ergonomic requirements.

With the Jobri, virtually every necessary part can be adjusted:

  • Seat height
  • Backrest depth
  • Backrest height

It is this versatility that puts this seat at the top in terms of adjustability.

The sturdy base of the Jazzy Deluxe makes it extremely stable. Its favored by doctors, hair dressers, cosmeticians, warehouse workers, and architects. It’s not as portable as some of its peers, however if you’re looking to buy one product that will last a lifetime, this is the one for you.

While the Jazzy is one of the most expensive on the market, the quality shows.  Many buyers who have tried numerous competitors, claim that this is certainly the best of its kind.



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