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What is The Most Healthy Way to Sit Without a Chair?

Chairs are undoubtedly the preferred seating method for everyday, but sometimes chairs are not available or you may not want to sit in one. When this is the case, there are a few other options for sitting although some are healthier than others.

Most people will reach for a stool when chairs are not available. Also. using exercise balls for chairs has become a popular option. Both of these are viable options, but they may not be available at all times. Additionally, these sitting options may increase the force on your back and be uncomfortable for more than a few minutes at a time. While great for short periods. they’re probably not your healthiest option for more than a few minutes. 

diamond poseKneeling is actually a great option that’s easy to do and healthy for you when a chair is not available or when you simply want a different option. When you kneel, you don’t need any equipment so you can sit wherever you want without taking up a lot of space. 

Kneeling is also a great option when you suffer from back or neck pain. By creating less force on your spine, you experience fewer aches and pains throughout the day which is many people invest in kneeling desks while at work or at home. Kneeling also creates better posture than traditional chairs. When you kneel, your back and shoulders are in proper alignment without slumping and moving out of place. If you struggle with keeping proper spine alignment, consider this option. Additionally, kneeling reduces under-thigh pressure. If you find that your thighs ache after a day of sitting in a traditional chair, then you may want to consider kneeling as a viable option. This simple change can relieve pressure and pain. 

model on a knee stoolFinally, many people find that kneeling or kneeling office chairs are more convenient for everyday use. If your work requires that you lean forward such as drafting or drawing, then you’ll be able to lean forward much more easily without having to move. Anyone who suffers from weak ankles may also reduce the constant pressure by kneeling and distributing the force of themselves instead of sitting or standing. 

Of course, kneeling is not the only option available to sit without a chair. You may use an exercise ball, sit with your legs crossed or in front of you. All of these are choices, and may be comfortable for short periods of time but tend to have poor outcomes for more than a few minutes. Remember that you need to support your back while seated and these other options do not have the same support that kneeling offers. For this reason, kneeling is one of the healthiest ways to sit without a chair. 

If you find that a chair is not available or simply want to rest without using a chair, use this advice to make a healthy choice. With these options for sitting, you should choose the option that relieves pressure and improves posture without having any negative side effects. While kneeling offers the greatest health benefits, you may also want to try out these other options. 

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What is The Most Healthy Way to Sit Without a Chair?
Find out the best way to sit, if you don't have a chair available.

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